Tasting Room Etiquette

To make everyone's experience as enjoyable as possible we ask that you read over the following points and thank you in advance for your cooperation.

  • Please designate a driver and drink responsibly - Those little ounces add up! By law we are not allowed to serve visibly intoxicated people regardless of who is driving.
  • Please plan ahead - We have limited space, please give us a call at least two days in advance if you are coming with a group of 10 or more so that we can make proper accommodations.
  • Please don't smoke or wear heavy perfume/cologne - This affects both your tasting experience and the experience of others around you.
  • Please use your inside voice - No screaming or shrieking is necessary. In general, please remember that the tasting room is not a bar at Happy Hour.
  • Please don't serve yourself - If the bar is busy please be patient. The server will get to you and give you the same attention they are giving everyone else.
  • Please put your cell phone on vibrate - If you must take/make a call please excuse yourself from the room.


What to expect in the tasting room:

  • Please designate a driver and drink responsibly. Those little ounces add up and we are not allowed to serve visibly intoxicated people regardless of who is driving. We can't stress this enough.
  • A host will greet you and get you started with wine glasses and explain what wines are available for tasting and how the process works.
  • White wines are tasted first, followed by red wines, and then dessert wines.
  • Taste each wine carefully and savor each sip. Don't chug it!
  • Read the tasting notes as you taste and see if you notice any of the aromas or flavors listed in the notes.
  • Be open to wines that you believe you will not like - reds, whites, fruit, port wines. You might be surprised!
  • No questions are dumb, so ask away. Our staff is happy to talk about our wine.
  • Purchase wine - assuming it is in your budget and you like it, then spring for it. Because we are a small winery our tasting rooms are often the only place to find our wines.